Optimize your sales management with BuilderMatic ERP and CRM.


Optimize your sales management with BuilderMatic ERP and CRM.


Easily manage your quotations

Speed ​​up your sales process

Create your custom templates and send quotations to your customers directly from the app.

Use the integrated electronic signature to make your customer signed and turn your quotations into purchase orders with one click.

BuilderMatic also manages the quotation versions and offers the possibility to merge your quotations in a few clicks.


International sales

The application is multi-currency and currency conversion is managed automatically.


Customize your business proposals

Advanced discount management

Adapt your pricing according to the types of your customers or the volume of purchase, and trigger your discounts automatically on quotations and orders.

Custom Price Lists

Create price lists to enable systematic discounts to specific customers or occasional discounts on certain products.

Custom Printings

Display customized messages on your orders or quotations, as well as line-by-line product descriptions. BuilderMatic also allows to hide printing discounts.


Simply Generate Subscriptions and Contracts

Automate Recurring invoicing Management

Customized Contract Templates

Save time by creating pre-configured and pre-filled contract templates.

Simplified invoicing

Easily set up recurring invoicing for your subscriptions: the application automatically generates the invoicing periods.

Automatic Renewal

Choose the renewal terms for your contracts : set a notice period or turn on auto-renewal. Alerts warn you when contracts are due.


Alerts on orders

You have the option to display custom alerts by customers on quotations and sale orders at the time of their creation.


Track precisely the progress of your sales

Quickly visualize the status of your orders

Thanks to visual indicators, the steps of validation of an order as well as the status of delivery and invoicing are immediately visible.

Schedule your deliveries

You can automatically generate customer deliveries and invoices from purchase orders, and launch manufacturing orders and purchase orders with one click.

Detailed tracking line by line

You also have access to an accurate tracking of invoicing and deliveries, order line per order line.


Customer Portal

Make available to your customers a portal to give them access to their quotations, orders, deliveries and invoices.