Improve your quality processes with BuilderMatic Quality Management.


Improve your quality processes with BuilderMatic Quality Management.


Easily program your quality controls

Create your quality controls, assign them to your teams and plan their realization.
Quality controls are related to the products and the production process.
You can follow the progress precisely, step by step.


Customized quality processes

You can create your own quality processes with the detail of each control point. Indicate the type of control to be performed and the instructions that the contractors will follow. The necessary information is therefore at hand and visible on a smartphone or tablet.


Precise and detailed controls

Your quality teams will be able to carry out their checks by following the various control points that you have defined.
Once a checkpoint is successful or missed, you move on to the next.
In case of failure you can directly create quality alerts.


Keep track of every quality problem

You have the ability to create quality alerts as soon as a problem is detected, whether it is during a control or coming from a customer feedback.
You keep a history of each quality alert and you can precisely track the resolution of problems, as well as the corrective and preventive actions that have been put in place.


Perform quality checks during production

You can program quality checks that will trigger at certain times of production, at a specific frequency, or randomly.
If you detect a problem during production, create quality alerts directly and implement corrective actions.