Frequently asked questions for BuilderMatic Home Builder software

What hosting do you provide?

Each subscription includes hosting for your subscribed version of BuilderMatic Home Builder Software. This includes hosting, support,  and the complete BuilderMatic application.

Will I need additional software?

Your BuilderMatic Home Builder Software subscription includes all the software a typical business should need. You may be able to eliminate the need for the accounting software, CRM software, and Estimating software you currently use. We try to provide a complete, integrated package that reduces the need to use additional software.

What support do you offer?

We provide a Helpdesk from 8am to 8pm six days per week. You can also access our forums and raise a ticket for any problems you have through our support system. We also provider monthly webinars free of charge.

How will BuilderMatic help my business?

We expect that you should be able to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks, such as accounting, billing, invoices, quotes, etc. releasing you to focus on marketing and growing your business. The included Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system will help you respond quickly and accurately to new leads.

Do I need to use all the features?

BuilderMatic has been designed to accommodate your growing business. You can use whatever features you prefer to start with, and then add more features as business demands, all without having to change systems.

Do you offer free trials?

Yes, we offer a 30 day free trial.  We will assist you in uploading some key business information so you can fully use the system during the trial.

We only do remodels and extensions. Will this package help us?

We believe that you will benefit from the integrated package including accounting, estimates, quotations, CRM, and more. Just the these alone would be well worth the cost of the monthly subscription. You will also have access to discounted design and construction drawings if needed.

What languages do you support?

The package is currently available in English, Spanish, and French. If you require another language just let us know and we will let you know if we can help. By the way, we include imperial (for USA) and metric (for Canada and Australia) measurement units.

I already have a website and accounting system. Can I still use those?

Of course. We will even show you how to move any needed data between the systems. If you want to save some money you may wish to transition away from your other packages.

I have some other questions. How do I contact you?

You are welcome to call us on 888-564-8829 or email us at [email protected] or use the chat function below.