Benefit from a real integrated construction project management software

Construction Project Management

Benefit from a real integrated construction project management software

Optimize the management of your business

Manage your construction projects

Enjoy advanced customization of all your projects and business projects. The application allows you to create unlimited trees, add team members, allow only certain types of activities, allowing to adapt to all possible configurations.

Schedule Tasks

Quickly create new tasks, define their priority, and assign them to your teams. Unlimited tree and inter-tasks dependency management lets you manage complex business.

Allocate resources

Easily visualize the availability of your teams for the next weeks, so you can schedule in advance the allocation of your resources on your business, or modify the schedules on a day-to-day basis, knowing immediately the availability of each one.

Follow very closely the progress of all your business projects

The construction project management software allows you to follow the progress of your business task by task, as well as their progress through the automatic calculation of their advance or their delay.

Access accurate tracking of actions to be performed by user from the schedules and timelines of your construction projects. Be alerted automatically when a task ends or lags behind.

Thanks to the management of time sheets, follow in real time the time spent on your business projects, and automatically calculate the costs generated by your projects to analyze the profitability.

Visualize the planning of your business in a few clicks

The planning of your business projects, tasks and resources, managed directly from the application, is facilitated by the Gantt views natively available to you for an optimal visualization.

Improve your performance with agile methods and Kanban views.

Easily invoice your business projects and calculate profitability

Automated Billing

Turn your projects into business projects in one click, and choose a flat rate or time-based invoicing : the billing of your business projects and everything connected to it is fully automated.

Real-time profitability tracking

You can view your expenses, costs, past and future times spent, and compare them with costs and planned times. It gives you a complete view of the profitability of your business projects as well as margins realized.