BuilderMatic REMODEL Software for Remodelers

BuilderMatic REMODEL Software for Remodelers

Being a Remodeler in a quick moving and competitive market is not easy. With BuilderMatic REMODEL software for remodelers, you get a comprehensive business automation software system to manage all facets of your business, plus you get to make your estimating quick and accurate.

Truly integrated accounting for your business

With BuilderMatic’s integrated home builder software accounting, it is possible to calculate : your turnover based on issued invoices, the net salary of your contractors based on their revenue and social security contributions, and your management costs. Analytical reportings are also available, along with custom dashboards and alerts for each user.

Proper human resources management

BuilderMatic gives you access to remodeler software HR functionalities tailored for your business : employment contracts, contractors’ purchases and expense account, mileage, time tracking, and recruitment. This module allows you to prepare payroll, and to provide your contractors with balance sheets, which are automatically generated from the application.

Contractor portal

A custom portal for contractors allows them to monitor billing processes and commercial contracts. It is a real added value for them, and a real time saver, as they can enter expense reports and mileage charges straight from their mobile phone, even when offline.

Boost your turnover by making your users’ billing work easier

With BuilderMatic, you can generate customer contracts, and invoices directly. Moreover, you benefit from visual and accurate tracking of sales and remaining invoices. You can also manage authorized outstanding amounts. Finally, you can create payments directly from your bills.

Stop getting lost while calculating your needs

Calculate your needs by product, category, or product family; for forecast or effective sales; and easily exclude a product from the calculation. Our calculator makes necessary proposals and prioritizes. You can also group your needs to turn them automatically into a purchase or production order, case-by-case or in bulk.

Manage your marketing campaigns directly from the application

Integrating with the CRM module, BuilderMatic's remodeler marketing app allows you to implement marketing campaigns. It directly draws on your database of prospective clients, with whom you can then get in touch through email, text messages or phone calls.

Generate customized emails for your newsletters

BuidlerMatic helps you manage email marketing campaigns, which you can customize for each client. With BuilderMatic, in addition to the management of marketing campaigns, you benefit from a management of emailing campaigns, that you can customize in function of your customers. There’s no need for a routing provider anymore!

Increase your client pipeline

Thanks to our CRM solution, each of the contacts made by your clients can result in the creation of a lead directory with just a few clicks, improving the organization of your client pipeline.

Tools that automate the entry

Reduce your costs thanks to the pre-filing of timesheets. In addition, you can create recurring timesheets for a whole period in just a few clicks.

Instant collaboration between you and your users

BuilderMatic allows your employees to generate their timesheets from a start&stop time control system, and to instantly monitor their time spent through a specific mobile application, usable offline.

Real-time statistical monitoring of the time spent by all employees

With BuilderMatic remodeler software, instantly monitor the status of timesheet validation processes. In addition, the application offers statistical monitoring of times entered by your employees.

Integrate time management into your business processes

BuilderMatic includes billing according to the timesheets entered by your employees. It also offers an automatic calculator of all project costs, allowing you to analyze their profitability.

Boost your turnover by charging at each step

BuilderMatic also offers automated generation of invoices, from your quotes, your customers, your suppliers, your projects or tasks, but also from timesheets, analytical entries, subscriptions, delivery orders or receipts.

Build customer loyalty, even when billing

With BuilderMatic, each client is treated as unique : bills are fully customizable, line by line. In addition, the application allows for advanced management of trade rebates for each customer and customer type.

Simple and efficient handling

BuilderMatic includes an Electronic Document Management system. It makes it possible to simply « drag&drop » documents in the application, as well as to instantly download all documents from the application, even in bulk, to your computer.

Your documents accessible anytime

You can signal with a flag that a document from the mobile app is available offline. A simple synchronization, and then all the documents your users may need are within easy reach!

Subscription Features


  • Low per month subscription model
  • Free support
  • Fully hosted solution accessible by desktop, tablet or phone


Look after your clients with an accurate quotation management system

Automatically manage the versions of your quotations through the sales management module. With a single click, you can generate subscription-type estimates. Finally, marketing messages related to your product automatically appear in the estimate lines.


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