Benefit from BuilderMatic true integrated accounting.


Benefit from true integrated accounting

Accounts entries

The accounting application automatically generates accounts entries from the accounting documents and pre-parameterized templates, and allows you to register various transactions in a manually assisted manner. Of course, you benefit from a system of writing reconciliation, this reconciliation can even be partial.


… to the analytical entries

The accounting module allows you to manage the analytical entries, and to profit natively from a management of the analytical distribution by partners, by products, etc.

Real-time accounting reports are available to you in a few clicks : general ledger, balance, remittance slip, journals, VAT …


Enjoy a fully scalable application

The management of the accounting periods is configurable by company, as well as the management of the journals and chart of accounts. In addition to an automatic tax management, benefit from a personalized setting of tax positions according to the transactions.


Do not leave your invoices unpaid

Increase your cash flow with an advanced recovery feature that allows you to set recovery rules based on customer typology. You can automate the type of reminder you want to send to your customer, and set the deadline for exceeding the payment deadline. The solution also manages the factors.


Enjoy the benefits of advanced technology …

The bank reconciliation between the lines of your bank statements and your accounting entries is automatic.
The processing of SEPA direct debits and transfers is fully automated, and includes the processing of bank or check deposits. BuilderMatic manages the EBICS banking communication protocol.


… in the service of true accounting

You have the option to manage overpayments by the customer according to minimum threshold rules. You can also manage, via the accounting module, bad debt and settlement differences..


Save your users time

BuilderMatic of course manages the manual and automatic cashing and allows you to benefit from an assistant to create the payments. In addition, these payments can be charged to multiple invoices.